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5 brilliant tricks of the trade to make tax time easier and less painful in your business

I did my taxes early this year. (YAY ME!)

This has NOT always been the case. And yes that is coming from the money queen herself. I usually do them the week before they are due. AND My birthday is April 14th and taxes are usually due April 15th so I at least try to get them done before my birthday because doing taxes on your birthday would completely suck.


But I had some time this past Saturday and dove head in.


These 5 tricks helped me make it more easeful and less stressful and I offer them to you to help you make it easier and less stressful so you can back to the things you love to do (which is probably NOT taxes!)


Organize and stay organized.


Energetically money loves a clean container to flow into. If you are not organized, tax time can feel so burdensome.


Throughout the year, save electronic receipts in a folder on your computer  (Example: name it Taxes 2021 or Receipts 2021) in your email delivery system and paper...

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