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The Five Mindset Shifts to Create Consistent Cash Flow

The Money Mindset Shifts You Must Know to Create The Consistent Cash Flow Needed to Build a Six-Figure and Beyond Business This Year 

Set yourself up to thrive by joining me LIVE in this Masterclass where I will cover 5 foundational financial mindset shifts that will boost your clarity and confidence around money and give you the steps to build a thriving six figure business and beyond without having a budget

In this MasterClass you will learn:

» The financial philosophy that all women entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and small business owners need to adopt to create a profitable 6-figure plus business (this ain’t your stodgy old accountant’s philosophy)

»  What part of your financials you need to focus on to have consistent income month after month after month (hint: it’s not revenue)

Why financial goals do not work, and what to do instead

»  The key to stop thinking about your money problems in your business and start doing something about them (even if you have done #allthethings)

** Note: the Live Masterclass times are noted in Mountain Time (MDT)

If any of the following is true for you, now is the time to join me in this MasterClass:


  • You do not feel like you have created the money and the abundance you want in your life but you don’t want to bust you’re a$$ or lose your morals to make more money

  • You watch money come into your business (or your life) and watch it almost immediately evaporate again and again and survive on a “just enough to get by” mentality

  • You realize that 2020 is a wake up call showing you that you want to break free from past money struggles once and for all so you can create your own economy, pay yourself well, and create the time and financial freedom you have always desired

  • I could easily charge money hundreds of dollars for this. It is that jam packed with goodies that have helped me create a multi six figure business and what I teach my private clients, but I wanted to make it super easy for women like you to take the first step toward transforming your life and your relationship with money and create the consistent income you want to get out of just surviving in your business


Because I once was you!

A personal note from Christine:


If the idea of looking at your money in a deep and expansive way makes you want to dig your head deeper into the sand….

I HEAR YOU! That was me too about 12 years ago. 

Finding myself in a perfect financial storm of losing my accounting job, my home to foreclosure, and having a crappy boyfriend who did not support me emotionally or mentally, 2012 was my wake-up call for me and my relationship with my money. 

I was scared, feeling I had no choices, and thinking some financial boogeyman was going to knock down the door of my place and take everything I had left (including my dignity) and I would be a bag lady on the street.

It sounds extreme now that I look back at it but that was how I felt. Out of control. 

I had two choices: continue to avoid my money problems or look at it squarely in the face. 

Holding one hand in faith and one in fear, I chose the latter, and exposed all my money stuff and that has changed everything. 


I paid off lots of debt, a home equity line of credit, created a savings account, started being profitable, paid myself very well each month, and now have the tools to manage my thoughts and feelings around money and have a thriving coaching and consulting business where I get to show other women how to do the same. 

I call it MONEY ON MY TERMS. You can do the same. And I can show you how. 

2020 is showing all of us the world is changing. We MUST look at our life, our values, how we show up in a new way or we will be stuck in paradigm that is broken. 

The opportunity to shift has never been greater, and I believe has never been greater when it comes to your relationship with money. 

If breaking free from old, worn out mindsets around money is important for you (it certainly is important to growing a successful, conscious business!) then choose a time that works for you below.

I cannot wait to see you there and help you lift the burden of money stuff off your back.

Let’s do this together!


** Note: the Live Masterclass times are noted in Mountain Time (MDT)