About Christine

Christine Walsh is a NYC girl raised in a middle class family with a “middle class money mindset,” who literally gets “forced” to go to business school and gets her degree so she can work on Wall Street as SVP in Global Portfolio Management for a big investment bank. 

After 11 years of creating what others would say was a very, very successful life, she decides, after the tragedy of 9/11, to move to the mountains to be a ski bum, life is too short. Away from her family, she ends up losing her 6 figure job in said mountain town, losing a condo to foreclosure, and kicks an unhealthy intimate relationship to the side during the recession of 2008 and discovers that all the financial education that she received never prepared her for these financial and emotional losses. 

She chooses one day, after the proverbial lying on the bathroom floor moment, to look at money squarely in the face and say to it, “something has got to change here” and starts on a deep, personal development path that continues today. She has created a multi 6-figure financial coaching and mentoring business that guides other business owners to fall in love with their money, business, and life in the most abundant way possible. 

With me you not only get a life coach. You also get a Wall Street finance exec and an accountant all rolled into one.

"I am here to help you become the Queen of Your Money because being empowered around your money IS the future of money."  


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