A Mindset Trick to Step off the Financial Roller Coaster

Aug 13, 2020

When my brother and I were kids, one of Our favorite summer trips was a day at Great Adventure in New Jersey.

We counted the days down on my dad’s calendar, we knew what we were going to wear and who we were bringing with us.

AND what RIDES we were planning on going on.

For me top of the list was Rolling Thunder: Great Adventure’s premier roller coaster.

For some being on a roller coaster at a theme park is exciting. (maybe it was a kid thing?)

For many of us being a financial roller coaster is downright no good. (possibly the most opposite of exciting.)

The financial roller coaster shows up in two ways and there are two ways to go about stepping off it and stepping on to the magic money carpet.

Let me walk you through the rest here…

The first financial roller coaster is the one in your bank account and is connected to how much money you bring in from month to month. The up, the down, the boom and the bust.

It is the one you SEE month to month.

It is frightening sometimes to know where the money is coming from this month, the next month or 3 months from now or what expenses might pop up unexpectedly.

In my Be The Queen Of Your Money online course, I walk you step by step on how to even out this roller coaster and the foundation of it is (repeat after me) TRACKING!

If you have hung out with me for any length of time, you know I am a huge fan of tracking. Tracking is not about cutting back, it is about having a plan to tell your money what to do, the ins and the outs of it.

With tracking (which essentially means) identifying in what ways money is coming in and out of your life you even out that roller coaster, because you know what is going on day to day, week to week and can make quicker decisions on where you need to increase cash flow or reduce expenses. It is your choice at this point and a very powerful vs. at the whim of every whoopdy-do of  a roller coaster.

Tracking your money can be done with a notebook, a journal, bookkeeping software, personal money trackers. Lots of options. If you want more money and want to step off this financial roller coaster… TRACK your money. 

Second type of roller coaster is the one that you FEEL!

That is the emotional roller coaster in your thoughts.

That one is a bigger beast to tame, because it has been on that same ride for decades perhaps. It is what is keeping you stuck when it comes to .

With this one I suggest a good old fashioned Thought Download.

I created a cheat sheet for this simple, yet powerful process, that you can grab here.

Getting your thoughts out of your head and on to paper creates a natural separation of you and your thoughts and reminds you that you are not your thoughts.

You are a powerful, worthy, abundant human being.  AND you get to choose your thoughts.

Use this Thought Download Worksheet ANY time you are feeling stressed about money.

Be intentional about your financial thoughts and step off the financial roller coaster and expand your financial potential.  

Yours in Abundance,


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