Ain't It a Money Shame?

Apr 09, 2019

The most powerful way to increase your income from a mental, emotional, and physical standpoint is to acknowledge and release the shame that you associate with money.

There. I said it.

From my own personal experience and working with many people on their money “stuck-ness,” shame creates a thick cloud over your ability to grow your income. With awareness and acceptance of the intensity of shameful feelings and thoughts, you can quickly take control of your finances.

I promise.

Shame’s insidious. A subtle energy that takes hold of you and squelches your growth around money–big time–and perpetuates an unworthiness knot in us.

And . . . everyone has it.

Everyone I speak to, at all income levels (including myself) has or has had Money Shame. So no amount of money in your bank account’s going to “fix” that.

What is Money Shame?

Money Shame shows up as:

  • I’ve never been good with numbers.
  • I’m embarrassed to wear things I buy in public that I love.
  • I underestimate my income when someone asks how much I make.
  • Underpricing (or discounting) my services.
  • I should be further along in my retirement/savings/income (pick one or all three).

Basically, your Money Shame, says “You’re not worthy. You’re not good enough.”

It ultimately compares you against your debt, your bank account balance, or your retirement–and can (and will) make you feel like a failure.

Shame breeds like wildfire on “silence, secrecy, and judgment” as Ms. Brene Brown–the knower of all things shame–writes.

Of course, as money’s one of the most secret, misunderstood, and judged topics, it makes sense that it grows and wreaks havoc in our bodies and minds. Continuing to beat yourself up by repeating the behaviors shame incurs is a form of self-abuse.

And that’s just plain wrong.

How to Release Money Shame’s Grip

  1. Recognizing it, naming it for what it is, and giving it a voice will help to discharge this part of you. Shame’s a part of you as it’s a part of everyone. Seeing it, separating from it, and being curious about it automatically keeps the greater part of you at the helm.
  2. Know that your old pattern of shame in cahoots with the subconscious brain is looking for reasons to continue that shame cycle. It’s looking for the evidence–and repeating your “inner mean girl” language is that evidence. Do not give your Money Shame a reason to grow. Stop beating yourself up and find evidence that supports growth and expansion.
  3. Let it be seen and heard by a trusted friend, partner, or coach. Find your Money Buddy and share. As the next level of bullet point one–as soon as you let yourself be seen in your shame, your shame “knot” instantly starts to dissolve.

Shine light onto your Money Shame. Transform it into your Money Moxie. Through your greatest resistance is your greatest freedom.

Understand the relationship you have with money to increase your abundance in all its forms–for you, for your legacy, for our world.

Until next time, much love and abundance in all its forms.

Photo Credit: Allef Vinicius,

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