Here's Your Permission Slip to Make More Money

Feb 19, 2020

There’s a very special and secret permission slip that only you can give yourself to make more money . . . and that permission slip goes something like this,

“I give myself permission to make more money.”

Yep, it’s that simple.

Yet, is it easy to do that? Hell no, or we’d be making more money.

What do you believe about making money that isn’t allowing you to give yourself permission about making more money? (Do not pass this question until you answer it.)

Consider these questions:

  • What might your mom say about you allowing more prosperity in?
  • Your dad?
  • Your best friend?
  • Your old boss?
  • Your new boss?
  • Your husband?
  • Your wife?
  • Your ex?
  • What will you have to give up in order to make more money? (time, friends, flexibility, blaming others and instead taking 100% responsibility)
  • What about money bothers you?
  • What about wealthy people piss you off?

Somewhere in that line of questioning is your core belief that you have about making more money and that’s holding you back fully from saying, “I give myself full permission to make the money I desire.”

This is an opportunity for you to go all-in and use money as the tool it’s designed to be–to live your fullest life. Because let’s get real, it isn’t about the money, it’s what the money can do for you.

Money’s about more life. More self-expression. More life experience. More life happiness.

And it might be about less, too.

Less stuff, less hang-ups, less anxiety, less thinking, less doing.

We’re all going after a feeling. Money’s just a conduit to the feeling you really want–when you trade that money for something that lights you up (or drains you, but that’s a whole other blog post.) So really, emotion’s the driver.

And when we go for the feeling we’re after, it’s an amazing attractor of prosperity in all its forms.

So get clear of what’s in the way, defeating BELIEFS that drive the unconscious THOUGHTS that create the FEELINGS, that inform the ACTIONS, that produce a RESULT you don’t want.

Get aware, get aligned, and step into your natural state of abundance.  

If money’s our longest relationship, then don’t you think it’s worthwhile to understand how to work with it? And all you must do is investigate it with some questioning. Not taking the time to understand it will torment you for the rest of your life.

I’m on a mission to understand money at its root. My work is leading women who are ready to take responsibility of what isn’t working around their finances and finally do something about it so they can live to their fullest potential in this life.

Until next time, much abundance and love to you in all its forms.

Photo Credit: Pepi Stojanovski,

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