How to Make Enough Money: The Myth of More

Aug 02, 2019

More money, more love, more time. 

More abundance, more clarity, more ease, more grace, more confidence, more flow. 

More joy, more freedom, more creativity, more happiness, more communication, more courage. 

Simply stated, MORE MORE

“More” has become ever-present in our society. 

I get it. I work in the realm of money. Most people I speak and work with want more money, more abundance, more time and—to be honest—I’m so over it. 


Because much of this MORE-dom is based in lack. As in “I want more money, because I don’t have enough now. I have to chase it more to get more. I have to work more to make more.” And what do they find? There’s always more to be had. Always. And how do you know what more is if you can’t claim what’s enough now?  

When’s it enough? When’s enough, ENOUGH? 

Today, I’m here to reclaim the word “enough.” For me and for you. I invite you to uncover what’s enough for you.

It’s this “MORE-dom” that’s having the exact counter-effect to what you want and actually getting it. (“It” refers to the first paragraph of this blog.)

Defining what’s “enough” is an act of bravery because it asks you to be in the present moment of what is. To look in the mirror at yourself and ask, “What do I truly want in my life? What’s the money for, underneath it all? And can I see that in this present moment in me, right here, right now? Happiness, abundance, love, creativity, joy?”

Enough for me looks like living abundantly every day. It’s knowing how much it means to be at work, and be in life, and spending time with my husband. It’s knowing when I write and create what enough feels like!

“Wanting more’s just the disconnection between the answer to the question, ‘what’s the money ultimately for?’ Freedom, safety, security, awe, wonder, joy, passion . . . and knowing at a deep level those emotions are inside you already. When you can connect to freedom, passion, safety, whatever money represents for you, you’ll stop the never-ending game of ‘more.'”

How do you define “enough?”

Here are a few suggestions to start to get your arms around this seemingly vast word:

  • Start by just saying the word out loud. What does it feel like in your body to say the word? You can even add in, “It’s” in front of it. It’s enough.
    • What does that feel like?
    • Does your body relax or tense up?
    • Do you wince at saying it, or does it feel liberating?
      Our bodies sometimes know more than our minds do, so to even feel the resonance can create a big shift. 
  • How much do you want to make? Create a list of all the things you want and need in a year. Now, don’t fret, I’m not telling you to make the dreaded B-word (Budget). However, lining out what you want and need in a year can give you a good idea of what “enough” is for you. Think travel, food, health, car, housing, kiddos, pets, savings . . . the list goes on. Try and put a number to it.  
  • Stop proclaiming, “I don’t have enough money/time/love/whatever.” And turn that statement into a question. How can I create enough money/time/love/whatever? Statements contract—questions expand. 

Have fun with all of this. Enough can be fun. Enough can be enjoyable, and enough can be quite financially—and otherwise—freeing

I’d love to hear from you—what’s your definition of enough?

Until next time, enough abundance in all its forms to you.

Photo Credit: Pepi Stojanovski,

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