How To Own Your Value and Claim Your Brilliance

Jul 31, 2020

Own. Your. Value. 

One day, a year into starting my business, I hear a voice saying to me, those exact words.

They dropped into me like a lead balloon.

I inquired within, pondering to myself… “What does that even mean?”

"Own my value?"

"Own what?"

The voice came from a coach or someone on a Facebook Live I was listening to. 

I HAD heard it many times before, but this time it spoke to me at a deeper level. It dropped in.

And I listened. Curiously. 

You know those times when you hear things and then you REALLY hear things.

Well, this was one of those times.

As a money mindset strategist and mentor to women entrepreneurs, this phrase does get tossed around often.

But, it was only at that point when I started to understand fully what it meant for me. 

What I discovered...

Owning my value is allowing me to stand in my full financial power and potential.

Owning my value is a cellular level feeling of confidence; innate, unspoken, energetic confidence in who I am, what I want, and how I show up in my life and with my finances.

Because owning your value can be a complicated thing, as I do, I broke it down into basics. 

I created a 4 part framework to ground into when I am doubting my self. This framework has helped me, and now I teach it to my clients, make easier and quicker money and business decisions, price my offerings that feel really generative, handle rejection, and ultimately live a more fuller life.

When I own my value, I feel potential, not just for me but for everyone in my world.

Owning your value is one of the most important things you can do as a business owner.

It is about owning the whole of you, imperfections and all!

It is about ALIGNMENT.

And that is where the magic happens. In money, life, freedom.

 That is where true confidence lies and frees you up to go after what you want. 

There are 4 parts to owning your value:

  1. Identify: What are your personal values? How do they show up in your life? Acknowledge where you are living by your values and smile.  
  2. Speak up: Share your opinions, ideas, and values with others. Let your voice be heard and know this takes vulnerability which is one of your greatest powers in being successful.
  3. Get Clear: Clarity around what you want in life, for your future, for a financial plan that supports YOU!
  4. Receive: Be present with receiving compliments, gifts, and love. Ask for help and receive it.

You get to fully own who you are in this world.



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