Is Your Future You Calling?

Jul 24, 2020

I can distinctly remember the day I met my future self.

I was laying on the proverbial “bathroom floor.”

OK maybe more like crying in my living room on my sofa…but you get the gist: I was down and out!

It was a voice outside of me that said, ‘Enough is enough. You are no longer going to remain a victim to your money fears.”

That voice was stern, yet fair. Loving, yet was a kick in the butt. It was my money wake-up call.

It was my “future me” calling out to me. OR better yet, CALLING ME OUT!

This was about 5 months after I lost my job and was unemployed during the housing crisis of 2008. I had gotten the notice that the bank was going to foreclose on my condo, and I was an emotional mess. Not to mention in a financial mess.  

Yet, somewhere inside of me was a calling, a rally cry, a “I am no longer going to tolerate living like this!”

Your future you is the part of you that is wise, speaks from an intuitive place. Directs you in simple, upfront, yet loving language to guide you to your highest self.

It is the part of you that believes in you more than you do.

Want to know the most powerful part of her is?

She becomes your champion. She believes in you and what you want more than you do. AND she is the counter point to your inner critic.

Three Ways to Cultivate this Future You Part of Yourself…

She will help you with your money struggles, decisions, and next financial steps.

  1. Create her… Get to know her by visualizing this part of you and answering these questions.
  • What is her appearance like?
  • Where does she live? What is her home like?
  • What is her (your) true name?
  • What does she like to do with her free time?
  • What are some of her daily rituals?
  • How does she handle difficult relationships?
  • What is her relationship with money?
  • What does she want for her money?
  • What kind of art or creative pursuits does she enjoy?
  • What is her favorite song?
  • How does she care for herself physically? How does she like to move her body? How does she take care of her health and deal with sickness or medical challenges when they arrive?
  • What does she eat, where does she eat, how does she eat?
  • How does she take care of herself emotionally? What does she do with anger, joy, sadness?
  • What kind of physical environment does she create to live and work in?


  1. Dialogue with her: Now that you know her a little better, ask, “What would my inner mentor do in this situation?” Especially when it comes to money. Listen for what the answer is and do or say that.


  1. Embody her: Embody means to be an expression of. This step invites you to walk, talk, act like she might.
  • Dress like her
  • Eat like she would eat
  • Look at her finances like she might.
  • Write an email as if it was coming from her
  • In important relationship interactions, how might she talk to that other person?

 Cultivating your future you brings you closer to that part of you that whole, centered, evolved, and is the voice of your spirit.

She is an important part of your financial potential.

So get to know her a lot better!  

If you are struggling with money, let me be an echo of that future you voice.

“You are no longer going to remain a victim to your money fears.”

Today, you get to choose to do something so different with your money that will change the trajectory of your finances and your life.

If you are looking for support, expert guidance, and a plan to make more money and be more profitable in your business, let's have a money conversation. 

Book a complimentary Money Clarity Session and find out where your money is going, what is in the way of making more and an aligned plan to get you there. 

Until next time, much love and abundance in all its forms.  



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